Step 1: Get a DNSDB User Interface (UI) username and password.

The DNSDB administrator will review, approve, and send the information to login. You can login at Login and validate your access.

Step 2: Check your password.

Once you are logged in, please change your password on the account.

Step 3: Use your E-mails' "Junk" folder to find SPAM that can be used as a good "test."

Look at the raw sources of E-mails in your Junk folder to find a working example to test drive DNSDB. In this example we are using The search will result in zone information. Scroll down to find more information about This will include name server, historical records of the different hose used, and other information about the domain. Click on the IP address/A-Record to find more information (scroll down). Click on other domains and NS records to continue your investigation.

Step 4: Happy Hunting.