Vendor: ISC (1)

Type: email (2)


Description: A type for describing email message metadata relating to unsolicited email messages.

  • "email"

          A message type primarily intended for representing
          SMTP message headers and body URLs received at spamtraps.
  • "type" (enum)

          One of unknown, spamtrap, rej_network (rejected by network test,
          e.g. DNSBL), rej_content (rejected by content filter), rej_user
          (rejected by manual user classification).
  • "headers" (mlstring)

          The SMTP headers.
  • "srcip" (ip)

          The address of the SMTP peer.
  • "srchost" (string)

          The hostname of the SMTP peer, if resolved.
  • "helo" (string)

          The parameter to the SMTP HELO or EHLO verb.
  • "from" (string)

          The parameter to the SMTP MAIL FROM verb.
  • "rcpt" (string) (repeated)

          The parameter(s) to the SMTP RCPT TO verb.
  • "bodyurl" (string) (repeated)

          Any URLs found in the message body.